Limp Bizkit is back, playing free show in Vegas

It's been eight years since Limp Bizkit has been on the scene and guess what, the band is making a come back by playing a free Vegas show July 18th at the Pearl Concert Theater in the Palms Casino Resort.

You die hard Limp Bizkit fans might try to get their early since the show is first come, first serve. Fans that actually make it to see the band will get a free (rare) Limp Bizkit t-shirt. These shirts are only distributed at this gig.

So, who's opening up for Limp Bizkit? Fred Durst's long time homie, DJ Boney B, is slated to open up for the band. Check out his Myspage page for more info:

The band has spent 2009 in Europe for their "Unicorns N Rainbows" tour, playing in 20 countries.

For more on Limp Bizkit, please visit their official website at

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