DJ Lady Kate Pleases Crowds with Audio and Video Mixes

At only 22 years old, DJ Lady Kate has headlined some of the largest and most respected parties, venues, and clubs in the nation. As soon as Kate steps on the turntables and microphone, the house jolts from zero to sixty. Her ability to rock the mic, please her crowd, read and connect with her audience, proves to be why she experiences continuous success.

Where you have been (places you have DJed):
I have been blessed to travel nationally and internationally to DJ! Some of the coolest places I've been would definitely have to be The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Wasted Space, Body English and The Hard Rock Pool inside the Hard Rock Las Vegas, The Eclipse Pool Nightclub, Plush Nightclub Dallas Texas, Republic Live and Malia Nightclub in Austin Texas, The Vanguard Main Stage, Ivar, Minx, Element Los Angeles, and the list could go on! Check out my resume on!

Where you are going (future bookings):
To name a few, this August I will be performing for Carnival Cruise Lines on International Cruises to Mexico, along with live performances in Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, New York and of course up and down California! I am booked almost every weekend of the year so check out my schedule on my website.

How did you get started:
I started on Vinyl when I was 12, just as a hobby in my room. When I turned 13, I started to DJ for a local skating rink, I thought I was so cool! [Laughs]. I worked the Friday and Saturday teen skate nights. I had to DJ, MC for the teens, and play games like "the Limbo" and "Red light, Green light." [Laughs]. I also had to wear a striped referee shirt and a cool whistle. If people skated too fast I would blow my whistle at them! I was a nerd. I was a floor guard/DJ/MC and at the end of the night I had to vacuum, sweep the whole floor, and take out the trash! That was my first job. Then, that led to all age clubs, high school dances, and house parties. I got into the nightclub scene when I finally turned 18. By the time I was 19, I was traveling nationally.

What is the most outlandish thing you have seen at a club:
I was at a nightclub in Lake Havasu Arizona that had a swimming pool inside the club, along with a volleyball net. (Yes I know... 3D Disaster.) So a very intoxicated man decided to take his clothes off and streak around the club. As he started getting chased by security, he decided to cannon ball into the pool. Poor guy didn't hit the water. He landed in the scissors position hanging on the net. Yes Fellas, it was ALL NET. Let’s just say the paramedics were called and I hope he can still have kids.

What you would never spin:
A request without receiving a tip

Dumb questions people ask:
"Do you know that one song buy that one guy that goes like this?" Then they
start singing, missing 95% of the lyrics.

Your favorite DJ:
DJ Shortee

Best job ever:
Private Party for Fergie

Where you will be in 10 years:
Happy, Healthy, and Successful.

Three words that describe you:
Motivated, Talented, and Tenacious.

What people would never know about you:
I grew up in a small town on a farm, and I ride horses very well [Laughs].

If you weren't a DJ, you would be:
A Special Effects Make-up Artist. I would love to do Character make-up for movies.

What you do for fun:
My job is amazingly fun! Other than that? I LOVE to Cook, I love to clean believe it or not [laughs]. Dinner and a movie is always nice, rock climbing, horse back riding, and anything that involves warm weather, my bikini and flip flops.

DJ Lady Kate's Bio
With DJ Lady Kate’s recognizable look, sound, professionalism, and burning ambition, she has become one of the most sought-after female DJs. The 22-year-old mixes all genres of music and videos. Kate is one of the few, well-rounded DJ's in the music industry specializing in any music genre.

DJ Lady Kate mixes audio and video with her Rane TTM 57SL mixer and a MIDI Controller. She performs with Serato and Serato Video-SL, which is a software plug-in for Scratch Live, giving the ability to playback and mix video files, along with audio files in real-live time. She manages a variety of Mp3's and video clips from within the Scratch Live library, and loads them onto a virtual deck for control with vinyl.

The controls allow her to mix clips with a variety of transitions, as well as allowing her to apply exciting effects to each video clip. The mixed output can be sent to Kate's computer's secondary display, for connection to external monitors or projectors for nightclubs who are equipped with either of the two.

Kate got her start playing on Vinyl when she was 12 and still collects records today.
"Most girls spend thousands of dollars on shoes, clothes, and purses. I wish I could say that. I invest a good majority of my money on music and equipment. I love music, I love what I do. So, I invest. I still enjoy going to record stores, and yard sales, in hope to find that "one golden record." I have a big record collection. My parents hate me for it because half of my records are in their garage, and half of them are in my garage." By day, Kate is in the lab producing her own remixes and mix tapes. By night, DJ Lady Kate is reborn, and spinning throughout the states. Be sure and Catch her at a venue in your city.

You can tune in and listen to DLK Mix Live every Friday Night at 9PM pst, on! DLK also just re-launched her website, All of Lady Kate Mix tapes, High Resolution photos, and posters are now available for download.

Photo courtesy of Troy Acevedo

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