Banksy Street Artist Takes on a Bigger Canvas

Banksy is probably the world's most famous graffiti and stencil artists who has used his genre to promote a political agenda. Banksy's image of a man with his face covered in scarf hurling a boquet of roses is a powerful display of love conquers all.

But now, the street legend has taken on a bigger canvas than the side of a building or alley wall.

The artist story boarded the opening of a recent episode of the long-running cartoon show, "The Simpsons"

"The Simpsons" ran the Banksy generated storyboards with only minor changes. For someone who hides his identity Banksy is having a rather high profile year. Earlier this year, he released his first documentary film: Exit Through The Gift-Shop.

For more on street art, check out a notable site: The Dirt Floor run by Pablo Perez.

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