BXXX Releases Video for Latest Single, "Lies" [NSFW]

BXXX (pronounced Bronx) just released the video for the first single "Lies," directed by controversial nightlife photographer Merlin Bronques.

"The 'Lies' video came about because I was looking online to see how well a GOPRO camera could shoot at night, and I found almost no footage so I decided to do my own "nighttime tests" video by exploring crazy moments in the New York party scene exclusively through the eyes of a  camera, which is almost exclusively used for extreme sports. The ending barfing montage is an homage to William Peter Blatty." - BRONQUES

BXXX is an electronic rock project completely devoted to providing musical scores for films about the nightlife. BXXX works with various collaborators to provide the direction for each soundtrack. The music straddles a wide range of genres and has been described as the Guided By Voices of EDM due to it’s proclivity for short compositions.

Bronques is the controversial nightlife personality behind the website lastnightsparty.com. Based in New York, he is the site’s founder and sole photographer and travels frequently to Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and a host of other party destinations to photograph events, parties, and the party people.

In recent years, LastNightsParty and Bronques have been featured in myriad newspapers and periodicals including Rolling Stone, in which LastNightsParty.com was proclaimed the world’s hottest website, Newsweek, The New York Times, Vogue Italia, British Vogue, URB, GQ Germany, Stuff, The Village Voice, Fader, and I-D. In addition, Bronques has regularly contributed editorial work to a bevy of magazines including Spin, Ocean Drive, and BPM.


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